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Friday, June 18, 2010

I'll keep this brief, but basically, I cut out some foods out of my diet and starting eating a more plant-based diet for my health. At 130 lb. overweight, I felt like I was not really living life. I am only 21 and that is no life to look forward to! I have been doing this for 11 days now, and I already feel a huge difference. I have lost 10 lb. so far and counting. I feel so much lighter, not just because of the weight loss, but also because I don't have garbage weighing down my system. Food has a different meaning for me now; it's meant to nourish my body and fuel it for energy, but that doesn't mean I won't have fun with it! I am enjoying experimenting in the kitchen and trying new things! Mostly I'm enjoying not having to count calories and obsess over everything. It's a much more peaceful way of thinking about food. Peas and love, Sierra

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Vannah said...

Good grief, you lost 10 pounds in 11 days?? Thats amazing! You go girl!

I totally feel ya with the weight loss thing by the way. I am 23, and have at least 200 pounds to lose (seriously!)! Oy, it sounds like soooo much (and it is) when thinking of it all at once...but, I believe in us :D

peasandlove said...

Awww...I believe in us too! Small steps make a big difference! My weight loss has leveled off to about 2 or 3 lb. a week...which is healthy, so that's good! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey :) I just read your post on TKL forum and thought I would check out your blog. Hooray for you:) I can relate so much to you it is crazy. I too have lots to lose. I am 28 and started out at 252 pounds. I became vegan at the end of February and have lost about 42 pounds. I can totally relate to wanting to get back to how much I weighed in grade six. I wish you luck and look forward to following your journey. :)

peasandlove said...

Thanks, Anonymous! :) It IS nice to have people to relate to...good luck with your journey as well. That is sooooo encouraging to hear about your weight loss! Gonna start a blog so I can follow you too? :)

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