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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1. Iced Passion Tea from Starbucks (unsweetened, of course...trying to stay away from sugar) Yum! It's fruity, a lil tart...perfect!

2. Mah new phone...well, I hope I love it more when I figure it all out. But for now, I love shiny new toys! :) And it takes great photos! :)

3. Falafel...I made it deconstructed, as suggested by Little House of Veggies. (She suggested it for kids, but what can I say? I may never grow up! ;)

4. Speaking of Little House of Veggies, I had a tech question and couldn't figure it out, so I emailed Morgan and she helped me right away! I love nice, helpful people! :)

5. Jicama...if you've never tried this veggie, DO IT! NOW! It's like the perfect veggie for dipping in, well, dips. lol Especially in hummus. It's crunchy, sweetish, and juicy! :)

6. Accomplishing new goals...such as knocking 2 minutes and 29 seconds off of my mile time! :)

7. Not giving up even though I haven't lost any weight this month...gonna keep trying. As B*Cakes (a new favorite blog) says, "Measure your success by how you feel, how you look, how your clothes fit, the changes you've made, the things you can do that you couldn't before. You KNOW when you are on plan and you are not. Just keep at it and the scale WILL catch up to you. But until it does- don't you feel better? Aren't your proud of yourself? Don't you look better?"

8. Having two people ask me for my coconut ice cream recipe...I feel like an ice cream master now! And I've only made it once! :D I will try to post the recipe soon so if anyone else wants it, I can just refer them to my blog.

9. Black beans...it's funny to me how I have a favorite bean now! Before, I was like, "Beans? Eh. I like refried beans, I guess." Then later, when I had all of my stomach problems, I abhorred beans. I avoided them like the plague! Anyways, I love black beans. They're so cute, and yummy, and perfect. :)

10. Mah birthday! So far, I've gotten a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card, some antique table linens, some fabulous clothes, and the possibility of getting some Keen's...which I have been coveting for YEARS!!! Oh, and I found a $20 gift card to Starbucks and a $10 Walmart gift card in some of my stuff....what to buy, what to buy! ;)

11. Discovering new blogs and people not being weirded out that I'm reading their blogs...I'm feelin the love, peeps! :)

Peas and love, Sierra

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