Jumping Back on the Wagon...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Well, I've finally decided: NO MORE EXCUSES! I AM going to lose weight. No more of this wishy-washy, whiny "But I'm doing all that I can and I'm not losing any weight! I don't know what I'm doing wrong!" Clearly, I'm not doing all that I can...otherwise, I WOULD be losing weight. So here are my goals for the next week:

1.) Make a 1600 calorie-a-day meal plan (and STICK to it!)
2.) Get all my fruits and veggies in.
3.) 64 oz of water a day
4.) 9 hours of sleep a night
5.) At least 30 minutes of exercise everyday
6.) No processed food
7.) NO sugar!!!

I am going to show this plateau who's boss and lose at least 2 pounds this week! I will check in next Sunday to post my results. :)

(Oh, forgot to mention, I AM down to a low of 29 pounds lost, so yay, but it HAS taken me 3 months of fluctuating up and down to get to this point, so I still consider myself to be on a plateau.)

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