Green is the New Black

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I have a little joke that I got from another blog (I don't remember which one, sorry!): Ok, so after every question I ask, say "pea green soup." Got it? Ok, here goes: What do you eat for breakfast? What do you eat for lunch? What do you eat for dinner? What do you do all night? Get it? LOL! I love it!

I used to have a serious aversion to greens. Well, to any vegetable or fruit or anything remotely healthy. I've done a complete 180 from where I used to be! It's so weird to think about NOT liking vegetables! It's taken me a long time, but I LOVE my greens now. In fact, ALL my fav vegs are green: zucchini, cucumber, avocados, asparagus, kale, lettuce, cabbage, spinach. Yup, I'm in love! :) One of my Soups of the Week this week is this beautiful pea green soup. Yep, the color in the picture is really the color of the soup! It is so vibrant, nourishing, and most importantly, delicious! :D It's basically the same recipe as my Kale, White Bean, and Rosemary Soup, except I added 1 lb. of cooked split peas and instead of 3 stalks, I used a whole head of lacinto kale. I added more rosemary and minced onion and a little bit of Italian seasoning too. Then I pureed everything in our VitaMix. Love! in a mug! :) And it is going to last me all week!

I found this really cool quote on a new blog I was perusing (Bonzai Aphrodite): I mean seriously, seriously, does anyone really think that people who eat like me just sadly slurp down their flavorless food, secretly coveting cheese like some joyless martyr? Heck no! We are eating the MOST AMAZING food, and enjoying every. darn. bite. 'Nuff said. :)

So, I was quite proud of myself this last week. I ate a  salad EVERY SINGLE DAY! In fact, I think I ate TWO one day!!! I love salads, but some days it feels like too much work to make one. AND I drank a smoothie for breakfast every single day! I have felt pretty good this week AND I didn't get any new pimples this week! I have been pretty frustrated with my skin for the past several months. I've never had bad skin or acne, so to be getting spots all the time was unusual and highly frustrating! I hope that eating a salad and drinking a smoothie a day is all it takes to keep them away...cuz I love salads and smoothies! :) I still am working on the energy levels...they're still pretty low, but I've got some tricks up my sleeve and I think they are working so far. 

I am really looking forward to this coming week. I've got my food all planned out and almost all made. I am working evenings this week, so my plan is to wake up, go work out, drink a smoothie for breakfast, study for the test we have this week, eat a ginormous salad and a small cup of soup for lunch, go to class, go to clinicals early to make up some time, have another salad and small cup of soup for dinner, go home and go to bed! Sounds like an awesome week to me! Hope everyone else has a fantabulous week too!

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LovesVeggies said...

This post made me smile! The pea green soup thing was hilarious. ;) I loooove my greens too. Now I feel deprived if I don't get some greens in every day! Oh well 2 years ago I felt the same way about diet coke so at least I've progressed. lol

Get Skinny, Go Vegan. said...

I love the smoothies, as long as there is some banana or stevia or something.....Lemon juice and ginger also make straight greens a lot tastier in a smoothie.

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