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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm loving food, my life, trying new things, feeling lighter....the list could go on and on! So here are a few things that make my heart especially happy right now:

1. Early morning walks in the park

2. My supportive mom...she has tried everything I have made and has hardly eaten meat at home since I cut it out of my diet! :)

3. 'Music of Our Life' on 1310 KEIN

4. Simple easy food that tastes GOOD! like sweet potato chips, hummus, tomato soup, veggie sandwiches, and R.W. Knudson's Spritzers...

5. I can still eat CHOCOLATE!!! :D

6. Peace.....by being kind to myself and my body (and yes, the planet) life is so much more serene.

Peas and love, Sierra

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