Losing Ground

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I've got a case of the Mondays this week. :( It seemed so easy to lose 20 lb. last month and now this month I can't lose any weight! In fact, I've gained a couple back! I am going back to the gym for real this time! I wanna see results! Does anybody have a workout DVD they could recommend for the days I can't get to the gym? I have a dancing one, but I am so not coordinated! I'm afraid I'm gonna hurt myself if I try to use that one! lol I think I might do a 21 day detox diet soon...I lost 10 lb. the last time I did it. And it's basically like the Superhero diet. I have to wait after this weekend though because I am having my birthday dinner and I have a final to take. I am going to enjoy my birthday dinner and I am going to try not to stuff my face because of the stress! lol

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Vannah said...

I really love Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred. Its only 20 minutes, but definitely intense. I can only do the beginner moves. Also, I have the Biggest Loser Yoga, which is fantastic: relaxing and you can feel it the next day. Finally, if you're feeling feisty, Carmen Electra's striptease work out...it makes me feel so silly sometimes, but its a lot of fun, and ya work up a sweat, LOL :)

Also, happy early birthday! I'm a July baby too! :D

peasandlove said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Vannah! I was looking at the 30-Day Shred, so I think I might get that. :) I'm actually an early August baby, but we're celebrating early cuz that's when I can get everybody together. Happy Birthday to you too! ;)

Anonymous said...

If you get the 30 day shed be sure to blog about it,lol. I heard it was a toughie,but good.

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