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Sunday, July 11, 2010

I had a run-in today where someone basically told me that I had no right to try to help them with their health because I'm not healthy myself. Ha! That's what you think, Buster! I AM healthy and becoming more so. I may not look like it yet, but someday I will, and guess what! I will be the better person for it! This encounter DID hurt my feelings-yes, I did have to cry about it for a while. But you know, after a while of thinking about it, I decided the other person was right. I DON'T look like someone is healthy and to try to help someone who obviously doesn't even want to help themselves was overstepping my bounds. I need to just work on myself and SHOW people that being healthy is possible. If I can learn to love vegetables, anyone can! I do hope to help someone else someday, but it will be because THEY came up to ME and asked me what I have been doing to achieve such great health. And you know what? Before, I would have become a victim to this person's comments and eaten a whole bunch of unhealthy stuff. But guess what? I DIDN'T EAT A SINGLE THING! I realized the best way to "get back" at this person for their comments was to get healthy. And that means that I will be victorious, not for anyone but myself.

In other news, I went to the farmer's market today with my incredibly supportive aunt and it was so much fun! I got some kale, swiss chard, and cabbage. I'm not sure what I am going to do with all of it, but I hope to be coming up with more recipes and posting them up here soon. :)

Also, I realized my goal for this month has been to go to the gym or workout more often and I haven't gone once! And the month is a third over! I'm getting back on that one. I also need to drink more water...anyone have any strategies for forcing myself to drink more water?

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Vannah said...

Oh my! What a doodey head that person was! Good for you girl for not eating your feelings! I would have delved right into a bowl of dairy free ice cream, haha :).
As for water, I like taking fresh cucumber with me to the office. It makes the H20 taste extra fresh, and I think that it actually makes me feel more calm and relaxed in an environment that can often stress a person out! Also, back when I was doing weigh watchers, I often turned to Dotti's Weight Loss Zone for tips and free point calculations, haha. She had an article that featured tips for getting all of your water in for the day. Here it is if you're interested: Good luck w/ your water and gym goals! :D

peasandlove said...

Hey, thanks Vannah! I am definitely going to try some of those tips! :)

Red said...

I will have to try that cucumber trick! I have a huge water bottle sitting next to me all day, but I have a hard time getting enough water on the weekends.

Vannah said...

Today, I added cucumber AND strawberry to my water and it is divine! A little tip I picked up from Danielle (Chronicles of a Dairyland Vegan). Verrrryyy niiiice :)

peasandlove said...

Yum! Thanks for the tips...I will have to try them! :)

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