Monday, August 2, 2010

I feel accomplished! I've been trying to get back at running for a couple of weeks now. (Contrary to popular belief, you CAN run when you're heavy.) Anyways, I get really bored with doing the same things over and over. I had been running 1 min, walking 1 min, for 20 min. but then I got bored and quit for a week. THEN, on Friday, I decided to time myself running a mile. At first I could barely run half of it and I clocked in at 17:55. :P Saturday, I knocked off ONE MINUTE AND 22 SECONDS for a total of 16:33. Sunday, I walked 3 miles with a younger fitter friend. :) Today, I did it in 15:26! So, I've knocked off a total of 2:29! In 3 times of running it! This totally makes me want to keep going! Plus, I ran almost all of it except for 2 curved ends. :D

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Vannah said...

Dude, that is freaking fantastic!! I get winded just walking a mile, LOL, but I am truly inspired by your progress! So amazing; keep it up girlie! :D

Hollie said...


Renee said...

Wow! You run! I am such a chicken, like Vannah said "I get winded just walking a mile" lol. You so rock! I am very inspired by you.

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