Saturday, March 26, 2011

Man, I can't believe it's been, like, a month since I've posted! It hasn't been for lack of material...I have quite a few posts already started! I don't know what the deal is. Anyways, I do have a lot to share, but tonight I was thinking about something else.

Sometimes, during rough times, I have a hard time picking myself back up again. During times that everything seems to be going wrong, sometimes I have a hard time remembering the things that I do right. Tonight, a great idea hit me: What if I wrote down a list of compliments that people have given me to look at and reflect on when I go through these times? I'm not talking about physical compliments so much (although they are nice) or the "I like your bag" compliments. I'm talking about the compliments where someone notices something about you that is truly exceptional and gives you the warm fuzzies inside.

I had a friend tell me once that she couldn't put outfits together like me, that I truly had a flair and eye for color. Wow! I didn't even know that anyone would think that about me! Sometimes I do try really hard and it was nice for someone to notice. I have a friend that has told me that I'm smart in quite a few different ways. I really appreciate compliments like that. I've been told that I'm sweet and you know what? I love that! I really am going to try to live up to that reputation. I also like that lots of people compliment me on my smile and have said I have an infectious laugh. If I can make other people happy, I'm happy. Lastly, I love compliments given for my achievements, whether academically or physically.

This post isn't just all about me though. So many people, especially women, brush off compliments and say demeaning things to themselves. Why? We get enough of that from other people! We should be kind to ourselves! Negative self-talk only breaks us down. It's a vicious cycle that I myself have been on several times. I think that the compliments I have given myself are actually my most cherished because I am usually the one who doesn't notice nice things about myself. So, I have a mission for all that read this post of mine: look in the mirror and say five nice things about yourself. Yes, five. :) It might feel silly, but it actually might help you more than you initially know. Here's my list:

1. I am kind.
2. I love a good laugh and being silly.
3. I am usually up for trying something new.
4. I love to help people.
5. I never stop trying to better myself. I am constantly encouraging myself to reach my potential.

What's your list?

Also, there's something called Operation Beautiful that is really inspiring. Basically, strangers are leaving compliments in random places. I saw a Post-It in a bathroom once that had a compliment on it. It really is heart-warming for the recipient, but I think it really helps the giver too. When we praise another person, it opens our own heart to be more kind to others and ourselves. So, here's my second mission: compliment a complete stranger. Thank you and let's all work to make the world a kinder place by being kind to ourselves and others! :)

3 pieces of love:

LovesVeggies said...

i LOVE that you posted on this. It's ironic for me in a way too. Just today and yesterday I got 2 separate totally fabulous compliments that really made me soar all weekend long. It's funny what a difference a compliment can make in a person's life/week/day or afternoon. So, sooo true. Well said and good post girlie :)

Jeri@GodsDreamsForMe said...

Completely Excellent! This is the best idea! I keep a gratitude journal and I'll add sincere compliments as well! Thank You so much:D

Nellie said...

You are beautiful!!!

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