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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Well, I'm baaack! I wish I could stay on vacation forever, but I'm sure I would get bored of that eventually. :D So....I went shopping! That was a highlight....one of many, of course. ;) I love Forever 21 and Old Navy! I'm kind of obsessed with cardigans right now, so I bought a couple. (I'm thinking I need more tho. Must. Have. Cardigans.) Haha.....anyways, here's me posing in a gas station in an outfit that made me feel pretty good...it was nice to be in a comfortable outfit while traveling, yet it was stylish at the same time! Bonus! :D

Oh, yeah, and those sunglasses? They're Gucci. NBD. *brushes dust off my shoulders* Haha....they were a STEAL! Bought em for TWELVE BUCKS at an antique store! :D

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Anonymous said...

and travel we did!!! and shop we did!! and we did eat-- sushi!!! memories!! love, mom

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